Based in London, OKYA is run by a creative partnership that helps artists promote their work by providing a unique and affordable online solution. OKYA is systematically developed by and for artists. It promotes the work of students, independent artists and even art galleries as well as encouraging the appreciation and interest in visual arts.

We believe that a great community will provide a great opportunity for those expressing creativity, to utilize the possibilities made available by the Internet and the digital revolution. As the community of OKYA grows, it becomes a powerful marketing tool. All members are connected through the OKYA network, which increases high search engine rankings, not to mention invaluable opportunities to meet other artists locally and globally.

As a group of artists in the OKYA team we understand the need for an original, user friendly and affordable solution for your online portfolio, which can be managed entirely by you. We launched OKYA with the focus to provide this to the artists on a commission free basis that we pride the network upon.