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Born in London in 1982. Lives and works in Surrey, U.K

2003- 2006 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

2002-2003 Foundation Studies in Art, Camberwell College of Art

Angela Randall makes black and white pen drawings on paper that aim to convey her fascination of our use of Art to communicate the unspeakable. The work stems from her interest in dreams and the symbolism that can be found within them. Coded or direct, the imagery often portrays recurring objects or figures to comment on a feeling or a moment in time. Perhaps slightly self-mocking melancholy at times, she enjoys the idea of her drawings making someone smile in recognition. In the same way that the individual elements of a drawing illustrate a certain feeling or event, she hopes the viewer will read it, understand and from that make connections through their own experiences.

Sometimes we have no idea the effect we have on people.

Email: craftatart@gmail.com
Website: www.okya.co.uk/angelarandall