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REVOLVER ART CORNWALL - ISBN Number 978-009505680-5-8

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The savvy students recently graduated from Bath Spa University and Fine Art at University College Falmouth in Cornwall have brought their degree shows to London, and both are opening tonight. 'Vitamin B' offers the chance to see the work of 50 emerging artists from Bath Spa, whilst 'Sunrise with Sea Monsters' showcases the work of 19 graduates from Falmouth. At each show you'll find an eclectic mixture of painting, sculpture, photography and video...
...Bringing young blood from Cornwall to the heart of the city, 'Sunrise with Sea Monsters' also reflects the breadth of contemporary practice: sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, film, sound and installation.
Cat Bagg constructs large-scale paper and cardboard models of household rooms which she photographs at each stage before creating animations out of each frame; in her paintings Louise Thomas explores 'the banality of the holiday resort'; and Poppy Jones makes life-sized prints of places always perceived through a screen or seen through glass, such as train windows or museum dioramas.

Posted by editorial on June 28, 2007 04:02 AM

"Cat Bagg takes us from the sublime to the domestic with her installation Fabric of Home, which literally insulates against the outside world. A room is papered entirely with cardboard, the ceiling is dropped and the sound deadened like a huge dolls house. A small suspended screen shows Bagg’s stop-frame animation in which a paper home transforms itself. A jerky, quirky Svankmajer creation becomes a more modern pied-a-terre, complete with bold colours, fixtures and fittings. The deliberately low-tech fabrication is offset by the sheer detail. Rather than recreate a scene, in the style of Thomas Demand, the film rapidly patchworks a “homely” environment, that then disassembles into fragments of memory."

Megan Wakefield