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Born in Knutsford, England, 1982.
Graduated in 2005 from a BA Fine art Painting course at Manchester Metropolitan University.

My predominant work to date has been the 'Hypermass' series which references the baroque sculpture of Catholic iconography and how it uses techniques of exaggeration of the folds in robes and cloud formations to express 'spiritual energy'. This style ironically manifests as a lustful, extremely physical, materialistic aesthetic which is also apparent in Japanese animation (anime) where the images I use to construct each composition are appropriated. Forms such as hair or body structure are highly caricatured in anime resulting in a fantastical version of reality, that is almost 'more real than real'. By isolating out these parts my intention is to intensify these visual triggers so they form a sort of optical hyperactivity. This excessive baroque-like temperament is also apparent in other pieces such as 'Devotion' and the 'Rapture (The Ecstasy of...)' series which draws comparisons between spiritual ecstasy and psycho-sexual release.
I use any medium that seems best fit to describe a given idea, predominately painting in acrylics, I also produce digital work, drawings, sculpture, conceptual pieces and film.