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PUBLIC PLACES PRIVATE SPACES is a group exhibition featuring artwork by Angela Berry, Christina Gunter, Daniel Honan & Angela Randall.

This exhibition examines what emerges from the deconstruction of perceived space, concerning the interior and exterior personal landscapes.

Behind the scenes, in the penumbra, lie spaces of transition, the unseen and the unknown. There is also the presentation of the public face, which is the mechanism of communication in the exterior realm. Our individual practices vary from the photographic, the drawn, sculptural and installation, which engages with these notions.

ANGELA BERRY - My work is frequently installation based, using photography, sculpture and found objects. This work engages with time and process, with ephemerality rather than an idea of eternity. Temporality is inscribed in the work, but there is an impossibility of erasure as residual traces and faint impressions survive.

CHRISTINA GUNTER - To cover a wall with wallpaper is to open up a window onto an ideal world, in an attempt to create our private utopia. We inhabit wallpaper to make a statement about how we see ourselves and how we want to see the world allowing us to bring the outside world into our homes. By taking inspiration from domestic and urban landscapes I transpose them into visual representations of patterns that are constructed from wallpaper cut outs, to create a sense of home. The wallpaper acts as a traditional yet idealistic barrier used as a comforting device whilst viewing these beautifully decorative everyday images.

DANIEL HONAN - When an artist can neither afford nor interest a writer he/she should write about him/herself in the third person for any publicity as it helps them to appear more successful. Daniel Honan's work, confused and rife with paradox, attempts to negotiate seemingly impossible scenarios, and fails. With this, the gaps within systems may be opened for questioning. Daniel Honan does not know what he is doing; he should hire a writer.

ANGELA RANDALL - Through the combination of written and pictorial language in pen drawings on paper, I hope to show a humans striving for connection and understanding. My work projects personal thoughts into public space using limited and ambiguous text in relation to familiar images. I am trying to show that when we communicate there are certain elements of ourselves we consciously conceal whilst unconsciously revealing others. I am asking the viewer to ‘fill in the blanks’ to put emphasis on connection through bringing ones own experiences to the words and images.