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Logo I am a freelance illustrator working in the editorial, publishing and design sectors. My distinctive style uses layers of collage, painting, line drawing and photographic digital techniques to build up striking imagery.

Inspirations include history, especially the ever changing urban landscape of London, fashion, music, cinema, art galleries and a love of books and magazines. I love all things decorative, with pattern being a major part of my work. I have created textile print designs for Tickittyboo children’s clothing and design greetings cards and little gifts for my Etsy shop

My work is featured in The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration by Martin Dawber, published in autumn 2009 and has also been selected for the Association of Illustrator’s Images Exhibition.

Take a look at the current Let's Make Cards magazine, featuring a Summer Garden kit I designed here

Recent clients include Let's Make Cards, A2Dominion, The Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian, Case da Abitare, Nursery World, Training Today, Learning Development Practice, DIVA, Woman & Home, Precision Marketing, Time Out, Bonmarché, Community Care, Restaurant, Richmond Publishing, RNID, Runner's World, Nursing Standard and Sew.