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after a 6 yr break.... i have finally picked up the pen(s) again.

i live in minneapolis minnesota ,where art flows thru the streets like rainwater , and the wind is full of music.
for real tho....this is a very creative city.
i have lived in st. lois , salt lake city , colorado springs , seattle, and up and down the east coast.
i respect "graffiti" as a pure and true art form
i love clean socks...not jus clean but the brand new ones right out of the package....i dont even wash them first , i jus put em on.
i love beauty , and beautiful people
i have been:
a soldier
a bricklayer
a cook
in love
a father
a broke ass
a rich man
on the tops of many mountains
a cashier
a factory worker
a rave kid
a christian
a thief
a true sandwich artist
a telemarketer
a cold hearted sonnnoffabitch

and those are my credentials