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26/08/10 - 05/09/10 "Faces – The 21st Century" Group Exhibition
Faces – The 21st Century

Topolski Century Gallery, 26th/8 – 5th/9

Group Exhibition by Jonathan Bradbury, Lynn Hatzius, Rowan Newton, Froso Papadimitriou, Trevor Simmons

The Topolski Century Gallery it is located on the South Bank and contains a unique, monumental work of art that presents an extraordinary panoramic record of key events and figures of the twentieth century as witnessed by the artist Feliks Topolski (1907 – 1989).

The Topolski Century Gallery is hosting a premiere exhibition “Faces – The 21st Century”, where in juxtaposition to the visual diary of the 20th century by Feliks Topolski will be work by the forthcoming artists, Jonathan Bradbury, Lynn Hatzius, Rowan Newton, Froso Papadimitriou, Trevor Simmons, that reflects society on the aftermath of the millennium. We welcome you to explore the conformities and contradictions of the eras in a path through time.

Private view: August 26th 6:30pm admission free

Gallery opening times: Mon-Sat 11am – 7pm, Sun 12pm – 6pm, admission £2/£1 concs.

Further information please visit : http://www.topolskicentury.org.uk/

Topolski Century

150-152 Hungerford Arches

South Bank, London

29/06/10 - 04/06/10 Nock Turn

29 June- 4 July 2010
Private view: Friday 2 July 6-9pm

Simeon Ackroyd Trevor Simmons
Nikolas Arvanitis Russell Terry
Laura Cherry Graham Treadwell
Tom Hemming

Knock Turn is a group exhibition bringing together seven artists whose practice - by choice or necessity- hovers at the periphery of daylight. They share concerns of rhythm, temporality, occupational hazards, nature, and impermanence. The artists are unified by the lack of continuity in their artistic patterns and an unrelenting pursuit of equilibrium.

In Knock Turn, Morse code-like marks instigate figures of horses; forgotten found images on paper are reclaimed in delicately constructed illusions; a static metronome floats soundlessly; a monochromatic city is reflected in the sky. Colour saturated cityscapes; frenetic gestures evoke dusty bluish fluttering pigeons; a painstakingly crafted machine sets a rhythm of its own. Narrative, movement, and sound are often suggested but rarely fixed or certain.

Unit A
Leswin Place
London N16 7NJ
Open 1-6pm daily


26/06/10 - 27/06/10 open studio
Denmark Place Studios 47A Coldharbour Lane, SE5
In a open studio, the space- where those 'things' get made- gets a airing and the doors timidly gets left ajar and a sign- with a crude arrow- left outside> soaks up rainfall.

Through its duration, the artist mostly sits , reads bataille, with plastic cups and a bottle or two of cheap red wine prepped for a person to appear. The artist sits, feeling such a potentional encounter somewhat remote, they project upon all visitors the guise of a explorer, a fearless connoisseur.

From 12:30pm till 6pm,
saturday the 26th of june and sunday 27th,
via the red gates located right of Denmark Place Baptist Church>
open studios.
10/11/09 - 10/11/09 Work
ada gallery, 2a ada street, london E8 4QU
Work from Russell terry, trevor Simmons, Simeon Aykroyd and tom hemming.

Tube Bethnal Green; BR Cambridge Heath; buses 26, 48, 55.

The private view > thursday the 12th, from 6pm till 9pm.
01/08/08 - 28/08/08 TECTONIC TRACES
The phoenix gallery, brighton
The evening of sixth of july whilst feeling utterly uninspired, a choice moment for dreary formalities, he'd like to inform those within the vicinity of brighton that he's
somehow- for the entirety of august- become a participant in group show at the phoenix gallery. Those within the vicinity of brighton> you are expected, i repeat expected. Those in london, the rest of the world and his family, less so. The phoenix gallery is located around 1055 pace's up from brighton university and 1687 paces down from the rail station. The private view is the first of august in the evening sometime,,